How to learn German language ?

How to learn German language

German language is one of the most difficult languages in the world , It is widely spoken in Germany , Austria , Switzerland and South Tyrol , it comes after English as it is the second most widely spoken language in the world

German language can be easy to be learned if you started to learn a lot of words and its pronunciation as it will help you start your way in the German language and start learning "Grammatik"which means grammar in English.

The best way to learn German language perfectly will be in five ways

First one

Try to listen to a lot of words even you don't know what it means to make your ears get used to this language and there is one f the best websites that you can listen on it which is

Second one
Make German friends to practise with them the language and this will help you and give you the motivation to continue on your learning and there is a app called "Anygram" you can make German friends on it

Third one
Spend 45 minutes a day to revise what you have studied or what you have listened to,and your ccent will be improved if you make conversations with your German Friends

Fourth one
There are three German websites that will help you be the best in Grammatik and they are

Fifth one
Learn everyday 10 words on these German websites

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